Heather Smith, Business Owner
Garry is an inspiring manager who is able to energise and motivate his staff through his innovative, perceptive and vibrant leadership. He is a talented operator with a keen eye for the big picture. His candid and cooperative approach is refreshing and appreciated. Garry's consultative and empowering leadership style is less 'manager' and definitely more 'mentor'.
Scott Walker, Managing Director ROSS
I had the pleasure of working for Garry early in my career and have never forgotten the many lessons learnt from him. Garry's ability to think outside the square and develop innovative solutions is well known and respected within the industry, as are his leadership and motivational skills.
Peter-Jackson, Social Entrepreneur
Brendan Goleby, Business Developer
Suzie Washington, Events Guru
Cam Crisp, PCYC Toowoomba
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Authorised by Garry Humphries, 1 Moloney Street Toowoomba Qld 4350 for Garry Humphries (Candidate)

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Peter-Jackson, Social Entrepreneur