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" For more than three decades Garry has been helping communities to be "all that they can be", through social programs, military service, volunteering and public service. He has considerable experience and extensive networks with Federal, State and Local Government but remains 'truly independent' of any political party. His intention is to use all this knowledge and experience to help the Toowoomba Region be a vibrant community, that is safe for families and secure for local business so that we can weather the inevitable economic, social and natural 'storms' and remain the best place in Australia to establish roots and raise a family".

Why Vote for Garry
Connected Government

We have many Federal, State and Local Government staff in the Toowoomba Region with access to vast resources and expertise and during times of crisis it is truly impressive the co-operation and support that exists between all these levels of government.


My aim will be to keep the same of level of connectivity going for the rest of the year, to break down the barriers that stop all levels of government from being truly connected to each other and the people of the Toowoomba Region.


Having worked with Federal, State, Local Government and 

Government owned corporations, as well as being invited by governments from NSW to Denmark to speak on innovative service delivery, I have the knowledge networks and skills to develop better connectivity and services for the people of the Toowoomba Region.

Community Grants

When you support a community group with a grant, the club can usually multiply every grant dollar to become three or four dollars in value by using their volunteers, donations and ingenuity. There are some great Council grants programs available but we can do more.


My aim will be to increase the range and value of the grants given by Council to community groups and to implement innovative ways where more of the community can be involved in deciding where these grants go and how they are used.


Having helped literally hundreds of community organisations to secure grants I have the skills and experience needed to deliver on this commitment.


Almost 1/4 of people in the Toowoomba Region volunteer their time to help others and supply essential services to the region from Firefighting, Emergency Rescue, Coaching kids or the humble 'Chook Raffle'. Volunteers are priceless and we need to support them.


My Aim will be to work with all levels of community and government to implement better ways to 'gain, train, retain and recognise local volunteers'.


Like many of you I have always volunteered to help out whether during floods or pitching in at community events and by bringing my volunteering experience to Council I will help to ensure that our volunteers know they are valued and supported for the priceless work they do.


Australians are world renowned innovators and we 'punch well above our weight' when it comes to new and improved ways of getting the job done. The people of the Toowoomba Region have a growing reputation as innovators in the fields of Education, Farming, Robotics, Drones, Construction, Social Enterprises and Transport. 


My aim will be to foster and grow the Region to become the Innovation Hub of Queenslandand by providing platforms for entrepreneurs, universities, business and the community to come together and solve local problems and export these solutions to the world.


I have been a long time supporter of local innovation programs such as the GOOGLE Start-Up events that support local entrepreneurs to take their products to a global market as well as personally being recognised as an innovator in the field of social enterprises. This background has given me the inspiration to grow innovation in the region particularly innovation in Local Government Services and Community Enterprises.

Roads, Rates and Rubbish

Making sure we have safe roads, 'rates' that are value for money, a clean healthy city, great services such as libraries, pools and parks are all the backbone of Council. Getting these services and facilities delivered to a good standard, at a fair price and in the right place is the challenge of Council's day to day business.


My aim is "Value for Money"  and "Growing Local Business". Awarding contracts locally, keeps jobs local.  Working with business so that they become competitive when bidding for larger contracts, grows the viability of local employers.


The backbone of my professional career has been using technology, networks, innovation and personal drive to achieve more products and services without increasing costs and I have achieved this by always looking after the workforce, listening to new ideas, using old fashioned common sense and partnering with clever trustworthy people that share your goals and values.

Do you Agree ?

If you have an opinion on anything I have discussed on this page or new and innovative ideas then please let me know.


If you agree with what I have said here, please discuss it with a friend or neighbour, tweet your followers, Facebook the family and let them know your opinions on my platform and encourage them to get involved in the discussion and helping shape their communities to not only be great places to live but also to be prepared to face the challenges of the future.

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