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Common Sense Tourism

I heard some truly amazing tourism figures today at Toowoomba Regional Council's Tourism Advisory Committee. If 1/2 the people in Toowoomba Region invited someone to come and stay overnight then we would increase the economic impact to the region by $30 million a year. I rather like the idea of growing Tourism by simply visiting friends and family more often, we don't need to build theme parks, all the attractions have already been built either by mother nature or the local community. As a local have you ever been to the Tourism Information Centre, if not give it a go, play tourist for a day in your own backyard and I guarantee you that you will be surprised at all the things our region has to offer.

Tourism is a powerhouse in Australia but we can't forget why people come here, the easy hospitality, the seasons, the natural environment, local produce and relaxed friendly people. Attractions are fun and can draw a crowd but it is the people that keep you coming back to a place time and time again.

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